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We can produce booklets and books in a variety of formats:

Stapled Booklets
One of the most cost effective forms of booklet printing, this type of binding is sometimes referred to as saddle-stitching as these booklets consisting of folded sheets were commonly fastened with two staples along the spine on a machine with a saddle.  Since stapled booklets consist of folded sheets the number of pages must be in multiples of 4  (each folded sheet has 4 pages).  Booklets can have heavier cover pages than the text (inner) pages or have the same thickness material throughout (known as self-cover).  Commonly two staples are sufficient for most booklets but it can be with one or more staples depending on the nature of the publication. If no staples are required the booklet is said to be folded and gathered

Wire-bound Booklets
For booklets with many pages wire binding is a really neat looking solution.  The sheets are punched with holes near the spine and a double-loop wire is inserted and closed around the spine.  Two pitches of holes are used: 3-1 pitch (3-holes per inch) for booklets up to around 15mm thickness and 2-1 pitch (larger 2-holes per inch) for up to around 40mm thickness.  These books can have stiffer covers and optionally clear PVC covers to protect them or alternatively lamination of covers is possible.  Wrap-around covers are also possible with half-canadian binding where two sets of holes in the back cover allow a spine and front cover to neatly wrap around the document.

Perfect Binding
Print Team also offers perfect binding which is ideal for softback binding books with a spine. In this process we use special PUR glue to create a really strong bind.  This is ideal for publications like paperbacks, photo books, manuals, employee handbooks and Children's story books and memoirs.

Hardback Binding
Also known as case binding, the cover is cased into stiff cardboard covers and spine.  The cover can be a gloss or matt laminated full colour cover or a hard-wearing textured cloth material such as buckram with the option of gold or silver leaf lettering. Commonly a case bound book will have blank end papers with the option to have printed end papers so there are no blank pages, e.g hard back photobooks.

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